The endless-online comic

The endless-online comic

Friday, October 12, 2007

News news news.

Well, First off I would like to clarify of why I do NOT post here daily, then I will get on with the news.

1. I am a senior in highschool, I'm sure other seniors out there can understand why I am busy, because I really want to graduate.
2. I have a job, to make money, to pay the (few) bills I do have to pay, so my weekends are busy as well.
3. EO Seldom has "Daily news" So I refuse to post a "filler post" for people to read, which is just really random, off the topic, and unimportant, so I post what I need to, when i can.

Okay, now onto the news. :)

1. I noticed Rexor on MSN yesterday, which is rare, because he has NOT logged in several days, so i decided to log into EO. And i see, jailing jailing and more jailing from our very own Arvid, and Rexor. They have been sent to a jail that is OFF the map of exploreable EO maps to normal players, which is very good indeed, because not, unless in a party when jailed, can not exploit the glitch made public by Wickedfrost to escape. So I supose, point 1 to Wickedfrost for making EO life horrific for just about 5 weeks with speeders/ automagers/ ect by going public with this, I still don't condone his actions, because if he did not exploit it, then there would have been no need for a new jail, it just caused more work to Vult's busy life. At least it is over and done now.

2. EO Server is currently DOWN, a increase of lag prior to the crash could point to this. It is possible that the data base was unstable from the new map( the new jail), or elements in it that MAYBE could have caused this. If you tester's remember in EO v.26 when it was just released with the Pirate Quest, there were some "glitches" in the map that caused the server to crash, but was over all resolved. This I'm sure will be resolved within the next 5 to 12 hours.

EDIT: I decided, this will be a WEEKLY BLOG, to be updated every friday, unless I feel something imporant must be addressed, or find it nessesary to post again in the week.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Okay okay.

The Endless Report 2 is NOT ment to replace The Endless Report in anyway, it is still great for info on items, quests, ect. However, The ONLY thing on I do not aprove on The Endless Report is how Wickedfrost uses his blog to be biased, flame, and just make random posts that hold no signifigance to EO in anyway. The ENDLESS REPORT is ment to relate to Endless Online NEWS, facts, and helpfull guides for players, at least that is what I thought it was for when it was released. One of Wikky's posts about Ista, and the buying gold via paypal, i support that statment cause it may not be 100% true, it is a speculation, but it gives a fair warning to players in what they are doing in trying to buy pixels via another player with REAL money.

I changed the header, this still isnt the final one, just a predevolpment one to replace Wickedfrost's since i promised to get it out of there ASAP but i got insanely busy with school and work.

The Endless Report 2 will NOT be around forever, I was quite honest about that, and I will delete this site when Wickedfrost becomes more of a (I know I'll get flamed for this..) "Real" reporter again, and not be so biased in his posts, flaming EO, ect. I'm trying to hold Wickedfrost to a higher standard of player, and recently he hasn't been making the cut in my book, nor others. Unless they are in the "higher circle" of players. Which is the "famous people" who are famous for blogs, posts, forums, ect. People who just grouped together and try to act better then everybody else. Which, hell, alot of them are, some are just arrogant assholes.

Wickedfrost, I know you hate me, but I'm just doing what i think is right, critisize if you want, but I wont stop just because I'm asked. You need to earn it.

~ Wickedflare.

Hello again

Well, after that short couple of weeks break from EO to attend issues in real life, I am back.

I need to log into Endless to get some more news, but what I've gathered so far is that:

1. Speeding has decresed, if not stoped. I have loged in a few times, its not confirmed but i have yet to see a speeder.
2. It seems there is a new jail, not connected to the main world map of EO. Most likely it somewhere behind the level 100 gates in the admin room where no on can pass, aside from the admins.
3. I have noticed an icrease amount of morons on global, more then normaly; Just random people yelling their (maybe fake) phonenumbers on global begging people to call, insulting eachother, ect. Well, this does happen every once in a while, and with a decrease of respectible people posting on global as of late, this maybe will continued, maybe not.


I am very sorry to Wickedfrost, I didn't mean to keep your banner up so long, i will fix that ASAP.


Thursday, September 13, 2007


Well, a small graphic update to the site, makes it, i feel to be more appealing to the visitors.

I am proud to annouse, i now have Dhex's permission to host the Endless Comic images, so anyone who had a problem with me useing other people's work, can now shush.

On another note, a new banner for the Endless Report 2 is in deveopment, and so far, it looks very good. I will have that up as soon as it is finished.

As of people complaining about the name of the site, it is what it is for a reason, I'm not forcing you to view this site, so if you have a problem with me or TER2, you do NOT have to come here to flame me.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Request

I made my blog remake public on global, and like I thought, im currently getting flamed but oh well.

I have a request to my viewers as of this point, i need a team to help me with this blog, and help it "get up to scuff" as it were. The positions will be temperary or perminate depending how well you do. Please send me and email at " " with your application to be on my team.


A new view

September 12, 2007

Well, after watching Wickedfrost's blog for the passed few weeks, leading to and after v.28's release he has clearly become too biased to be a good reported to get a decent, not hating opinion on eo, and news, and updates.

Don't get me wrong, I love wickedfrost's blog, and that is why I'm doing this, to keep it alive and to try and redeam the name "Endless Report" which i feel Wickedfrost has, well, ruined as of late. I am in full willingness to take down The Endless Report 2 (ER2) once Wickedfrost regains his loyalty of being a reporter, not a biased person.

Well, to begin, I am currently updating my website to be as close to The Endless Report as possible, and I will try my best to be the best reported I can be, so YOU, the citizens of Endless Online can get news, news, and more news. I will admit, I am not the best reporter, but I will get better with time, trust me.

Don't worry about all your favorates of Wicked's blogs not being here, I assure you, it will be as close as I can make it, guides and all.

~ Wickedflare